Custom Web Development


We at AWS offer a wide-range of flawless custom framework solutions to our clients. Our developers will help you in developing unique websites and applications for your business.

Our PHP Framework services will help you meet your needs and requirements as it is one of our major competencies.PHP is a universal, reusable software platform to help web developers create agile software applications, products, and solutions. PHP frameworks can speed up the development process and provide a basic structure for streamlining the development of web applications. And most importantly, the responsiveness of all the websites and applications built using frameworks of PHP is of great use as it helps businesses fulfill their performance needs. As a leading web development company, we offer some of the best PHP framework designs and development solutions to meet your client’s needs and requirements.


Laravel:Laravel, the most popular free and open-source framework in the world, It was introduced in the year 2011. It has gained so much popularity because it can handle complex web applications with great security and that too at a considerably faster pace than other frameworks available. It simplifies the development process by easing the complexity of commons tasks, such as sessions, routing, caching, queuing, and authentication. We at AWS, we work closely with our clients to build scalable web applications using Laravel to increase your business via high-quality web applications.

Codeigniter:Codeigniter is an MVC framework tailored to business, travel, and shopping applications ranging from small to big and complex. It’s flexible, simple to learn, and only requires basic OOP understanding and knowledge of PHP. It is only about 2. This PHP framework is suitable for developing dynamic sites, and it also offers many pre-built modules and these modules help with constructing robust and reusable components. We at AWS can design and build different websites with it.

Cake PHP:Cake PHP is an MVC and ORM framework that is well suited for all business, shopping, and entertainment industries starting from small to medium applications. It needs knowledge of PHP and OOP, but it’s very simple and comes with compliant code structures. We at AWS provide well-organized, dynamic, unique, and high-quality web solutions to the clients.

Yii 2:Yii 2 is the successor of one of the oldest PHP frameworks Yii and is based on the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) concept. It is an open-source, free object-oriented framework and is perfect for large-scale website development because it can be easily integrated with JQuery and AJAX features. Yii 2 is a heavy-duty framework great for projects of any size. Other features of Yii 2 include a short rapid development time, availability of multiple packages for security, and sets of configurations for speeding things up. We at AWS use the power of Yii 2 to create great-looking sites.

Symphony:Symphony is another PHP web application framework used to build enterprise-level applications, and it is based on the Model-View-Controller paradigm. This speeds up the creation of web applications. Also, it makes web development easier, and provides customers/clients with what they need at lower costs and within the timeframe. We at AWS can help you create clutter-free web applications using the Symphony framework.

Fuel PHP:The Fuel PHP framework is a fast yet simple PHP 5.4+ framework based on the best ideas of other frameworks. It is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework designed from the ground up to have full support for HMVC as part of its architecture. We at AWS offer safe and robust Fuel PHP framework development solutions and services.

Our skilled professionals are well-versed with the PHP frameworks and always make sure that the client gets a powerful online presence of their business. Hire our experts to get top quality framework solutions at competitive prices.