How Avoma Transformed Meeting Efficiency with Aron Web Solutions

Avoma, a visionary company founded in late 2017 in Palo Alto, CA, recognized the love-and-hate relationship most people have with meetings. While effective meetings lead to collaboration, alignment, and progress, poorly run meetings result in wasted time, scattered information, unachieved goals, and blame games.

Unfortunately, the majority of meetings are still poorly conducted. Avoma aimed to add Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence to increase meeting productivity and extract maximum value from every conversation.

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Client's Objective

Their objective was to create a platform that would empower organizations to run efficient and effective meetings, harnessing the power of AI to capture, analyze, and provide insights from conversations. Avoma aimed to facilitate better collaboration, alignment, and decision-making for teams, ultimately driving progress and goal achievement.

Project Challenges

1Creating a Smart Platform

Our first challenge was to make a platform that blends human smarts and computer smarts to understand and analyze what people say in meetings. We wanted it to be easy for everyone to use, from the person leading the meeting to those taking part. Balancing usefulness and simplicity was the key.

2Managing Loads of Information

Our next challenge was managing all the information from meetings. There's a lot, like voice recordings and written notes. We needed a safe and easy place to keep it all. It was important that we could find and use this information when we needed it.

Solutions Offered by Aron Web Solutions

Intelligent Meeting Platform

Aron Web Solutions developed an intelligent meeting platform that smoothly integrated Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. The platform not only captured conversations but also provided real-time insights, making meetings more effective.

User-Centric Design

The user-centric design ensured that the platform was accessible and easy to use for both meeting organizers and participants. Aron Web Solutions emphasizes a balance between functionality and simplicity.

Data Management System

To handle the vast amount of meeting data, Aron Web Solutions designed a robust data management system. This system efficiently stored voice recordings, transcriptions, and other meeting-related information, making it easily retrievable.

Security Measures

Security was a top priority. Aron Web Solutions implemented advanced security measures to protect sensitive meeting data, ensuring that only authorized individuals could access it.


Recognizing Avoma's growth potential, Aron Web Solutions ensured that the platform was scalable to accommodate the company's expanding user base and increasing data volume.

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The Results

At Aron Web Solutions, our goal is to help our clients succeed. When we joined forces with this client, we completely changed how they do meetings. Our new platform made their meetings much more productive, and the things they learned from talking to each other are super helpful for making good decisions and reaching their goals. We also made their dream of better teamwork and progress come true. Our platform can grow with them, so they can handle more work. This teamwork has made meetings a really important and efficient part of how they do business. We're proud of the role we've played in this positive change, and we're committed to keep delivering great results, taking our clients to new levels of success.

Client Testimonial

We had a fantastic experience working with Aron Web Solutions for our website design and development needs. Their team's expertise and dedication truly shone throughout the entire project. They took our vision and turned it into a reality, creating a user-friendly and visually appealing website. Their ability to integrate human and artificial intelligence has been a game-changer for us. We now have a platform that not only captures conversations but also provides real-time insights, making our meetings far more productive and data-driven.

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