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Aplo Food: Transforming Greek Culinary Delights into Digital Experiences

Apló Greek Kitchen & Foods, nestled in the heart of Berlin, brings the delicious flavors of Greece to "fast-casual" dining. Inspired by traditional Greek souvlaki and meat delicacies, Apló has mastered the art of creating mouthwatering gyro meat and souvlaki skewers, seasoned with their exclusive Apló spice blend.

These tender specialties are lovingly wrapped in gluten-low, fluffy corn pita bread and adorned with seasonal salads, sun-ripened tomatoes, hand-carved fries, and creamy Greek-style yogurt sauce. Apló is known for its unique, hand-carved organic fries, and it's a beloved dining destination for those seeking authentic Greek flavors.

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Client's Objective

Apló Greek Kitchen & Foods aspired to expand its reach and bring the essence of Greece to a wider audience. The objective was to create a dynamic online presence through a user-friendly website that not only highlighted their delectable menu but also encapsulated the warmth and richness of Greek culture. Apló wanted a website that would make ordering their tantalizing dishes convenient, enhance customer experience, and reflect their commitment to quality and authenticity.

Project Challenges

1Adding A Touch Of Greek Essence into Web Design

One of the major challenges in this project was to encapsulate the Greek essence within the web design. Apló's vibrant and rich culture needed to be translated into a visually appealing and user-friendly website. We had to ensure that the website reflected the warmth and flavors of Greece while maintaining an easy-to-navigate structure that allowed customers to explore the menu and place orders effortlessly. This required a delicate balance of design elements that captured the essence of Greek hospitality.

2Smooth Integration of Online Ordering

Another significant challenge was the integration of an efficient online ordering system. Apló's menu is diverse, and the website needed to accommodate this diversity while simplifying the ordering process. We had to ensure that customers could easily select their favorite dishes, customize their orders, and make secure online payments, all within a few clicks. This called for a robust and intuitive online ordering system tailored to Apló's unique offerings.

Solutions Offered by Aron Web Solutions

Cultural Aesthetics

We used colors and visuals that are like a welcoming hug from Greece itself. When you visit their website, you'll feel the cozy ambiance of their restaurant right from your screen. It's like taking a mini vacation to Greece without leaving your home.

User-Friendly Navigation

We designed a user-friendly interface that allowed customers to effortlessly explore Apló's diverse menu and place orders with a few clicks. We know how important it is to easily find and order your favorite dishes. So, we made sure that navigating the website was as easy as pie.

Online Ordering System

We created a special online ordering system just for them. It lets you choose your favorite dishes, customize your orders, and make safe and secure online payments in just a few clicks. No more hassle when you're hungry

Mobile Responsiveness

We know that people like to use their phones for almost everything. That's why we made sure that Apló's website works perfectly on your smartphone. Now, you can access their delicious menu and place orders even when you're on the go.

Customized Design

We created a custom design just for them. It's like a bespoke suit but in website form. Every detail, from the images to the layout, is made to match their special offerings and their own Greek style. It's like a digital version of Apló's cozy restaurant, so when you visit the website, you feel right at home.

Final Product Website Result

The Results

The partnership with Apló Greek Kitchen & Foods led to the creation of a modern, catchy, and user-friendly website that smoothly translated the Greek culture. Customers now enjoy easy access to Apló's diverse menu, with a quick and easy ordering process. The website has expanded Apló's reach, making authentic Greek flavors just a click away. The project's success not only met but exceeded Apló's objectives by enhancing customer experience and reinforcing their commitment to delivering quality and authenticity.

Client Testimonial

Through our partnership with Aron Web Solutions, The results have been exceptional. The creation of our new website captures the warmth and flavors of Greece. They included features like customizing the orders and making secure online payments, all within a few clicks. This has significantly boosted our online orders and improved customer satisfaction. Overall, the collaboration with Aron Web Solutions has allowed us to expand our reach and bring authentic Greek flavors to a broader audience.

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