October 19, 2021

What’s the Impact of New Updates on Your Shopify Store?

There is now a plethora of online shop-building tools available and selecting the best one for your business may be quite challenging. Shopify is perhaps the most well-known e-commerce option available today. Are you wondering how is it the right tool for you? Let’s find it out.

Shopify is a web program that lets you build your own online store. It offers a variety of ‘themes’ that may be modified to fit your specific branding needs, and it lets you sell both physical and digital items.

Shopify is a commerce platform that allows you to rapidly build your ideal business and begin selling to consumers no matter where they are. If you want to personalize your business or even develop it from the ground up, the Shopify App Store and APIs make it simple. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can also purchase a Shopify store through Exchange.

Here, you will get to know more details about the Shopify updates and how they will affect your store and how you can Hire Shopify Expert in 2021-2022, and more. Let’s get started!

New Shopify Updates

Shopify unveiled its most extensive collection of infrastructure upgrades and advancements to date. Among these interesting upgrades were a slew of enhancements aimed at supporting Shopify Plus development. These will providemerchants with even more customization options than they had previously.

These updates include:

1. Online Store 2.0

The most significant and far-reaching innovation unveiled at Shopify Unite 2021 is Online Store 2.0. This version offers several new features that allow Shopify sellers to customize their stores to a far greater extent. You will also have greater fine-grained control over your website’s layout and appearance. All of this will be possible thanks to Online Store 2.0’s new simplified array of user-friendly developer tools.

2. Customization of Online Store with Sections & Blocks

The new ‘sections and blocks’ interface is another important innovation that is being pushed out. Store owners may now drag and drop entire pieces of content (including videos, items, and pictures) within the theme designer. Blocks are even more compact components that may be moved around within sections.

Without the need for code, blocks and sections allow for high degrees of personalization and customization. Vendors on Shopify may get more control by utilizing them on Home Pages, landing pages, product pages, and collection pages.

3. Display Store Content with Metafields

Data and content are the foundational elements of your store. Shopify has significantly improved the way metafields are stored and maintained with the introduction of metafields. Metafields are simply extra pieces of data that may be added to other data. Store owners may now define and update metafields in the admin interface and link them to applications or specific themes.

4. Trouble-free Integration of App Blocks Inside Themes

Shopify Plus businesses will be able to employ developers to put up applications for theme integration in the near future. This new ‘App Blocks’ functionality will allow you to build this integration without using any code at all. You’ll also be able to manage these applications straight from the theme editor. This allows you to remove them whenever you want without affecting performance.

5. Leverage Shopify Theme Development

Shopify is releasing a slew of new development tools to help with theme creation and give more flexibility. The Shopify GitHub integration, for example, is an upgraded Shopify CLI tool. This allows you to operate with native version control capabilities, promoting safer cooperation.

Advantages of the new Shopify Updates

You can check out the Advantage of the New Shopify Updates for your store below.

1. Some theme upgrades contain design changes that might have a significant influence on the user experience of your shop (UX). It provides a chance for shops who use Reach to enhance their UX, which is critical to keeping customers engaged with and returning to their store.

2. Bugs may not always be visible and might have a detrimental influence on the performance of your shop. Keep a watch on the changes for your Shopify theme to see which problems have been fixed.

3. You do not have to spend more time getting help from support with the new updates as they are user-friendly and easy to use.

Advantages of the new Shopify Updates

Disadvantages of the Shopify Updates

Given below are the disadvantages of the New Shopify Updates.

1. There are no themes.

2. Even when uploading your own themes, it is difficult to change the background to fit rather than fill.

3. There should be a lot more alternatives accessible than the handful that are now available.

How to Hire Shopify Expert in 2021-2022?

You understand the importance of hiring a Shopify developer, but how can you find competent candidates? During the job description, interview, and recruiting process, make sure you clearly specify the level of technical knowledge you require, determine if the candidate possesses the soft skills you seek and provide concrete examples of jobs you expect your ideal candidate to have expertise with.

Here are some of the best ways to Hire Shopify Expert in 2021-2022. Check that out.

1. Technical Knowledge

One critical aspect of the recruiting process is being clear about what technical expertise your Shopify developer must-have. The more specific you are about your requirements, the more probable it is that you will discover someone with the necessary technical knowledge. When drafting your job description, bear in mind the degree of skill you require.

One area where your existing team may be able to assist you is in determining the scope of your project and the degree of skill necessary (if you have one). They may be able to advise you on whether you need a senior developer or a junior developer to implement the functionality you want.

2. Soft Skills

Soft skills are crucial for recruiting for any project, but they are especially critical for Shopify projects due to a large number of moving pieces required to build, launch, and operate a storefront. You may be in continual pre-launch touch with your Shopify developer if you have a Shopify storefront.

Communication is essential when time is of the essence, whether it is for a one-time assignment or a more permanent job on your team. In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, where time is money, a team member with poor communication skills can cost you by being unavailable at critical times.

3. Experience

Hiring someone with extensive e-commerce expertise can assist you with areas of e-commerce UX/UI that a full-stack developer may not be as acquainted with. If you’re a non-technical entrepreneur looking for a one-time project builder, hiring an expert developer to design easy-to-maintain code can help you save time and money in the long run.

If you come across a Shopify developer that is interested in your items, he or she may assist you further by offering customer feedback for your website. Although it may be tough to locate, having someone on your staff who is enthusiastic about your goods may result in better user experiences for your consumers.

4. Ask the Right questions

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few applicants, it’s critical to ask the proper questions to ensure you discover the ideal match. Failure to do it effectively may necessitate re-assigning the entire project to another developer or a slew of modifications that distort your plan.

This is owing to the fact that, while someone may be competent to execute the job you desire, they may have certain requirements due to overbooking, irredeemable payments from past employers, and other conditions about modifications from the employer, etc., that make them unsuitable for you.

How to become a Certified Shopify Developer?

If you are wondering about how to become Certified Shopify Developers, here are some of the simple steps to help you out.

1. To be labelled an expert, you must be very skilled at what you do. In this instance, you must have solid foundational skills and understanding of Shopify, eCommerce, and your specialized profession.

2. It is critical to learn new things on a daily basis. Businesses, particularly in the eCommerce market, are always evolving. If you don’t want to lag behind, you must always keep current and improve your abilities.

3. After all, the primary function of an expert is to assist others, right? You may learn quickly and enhance your abilities by sharing your knowledge with others. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic approach to progressively establish yourself as a reliable source of helpful information for Shopify companies.

Certified Shopify Developer

4. You haven’t yet become a Shopify specialist, but you should start establishing yourself as a Shopify freelancer right now. You have certain abilities, and you need to start telling potential clients about them. A portfolio is an excellent method to demonstrate your abilities and previous work without having to compose lengthy messages that clients are unlikely to read during an initial screening.

5. Create an online portfolio cantered on your new skill set. If you’re already a developer, customer support representative, etc., you can simply add a Shopify-focused part.

6. Signing up for online marketplaces is the greatest method to begin providing your skills. Shopify supports internet companies as an eCommerce platform, therefore the greatest location to locate new clients is online.


With the information provided above, you learned about the Effects of the new Shopify updates on your store and how to Hire Shopify Expert, and how you can become the Certified Shopify Developers without much trouble.
Shopify is an all-in-one commerce platform, not simply a piece of software or a single product. More than that, it’s a thriving ecosystem that adds value to company owners by bringing together developers, business experts, and shoppers in the common goal of making commerce better for everyone.

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