October 1, 2020


Shopify is a cloud-based SaaS shopping cart solution and no doubt it is better than any other platform used today. Shopify is continuously working to improve its platform so that merchants and all the partners can enjoy maximum benefits. So, here is Shopify with all its new updates.

Shopify upgrade is available if you are on the Shopify Plus plan and also use a customized checkout.

Upgrade involves:

  • New features,
  • Security updates,
  • and accessibility improvements.

You can also preview the changes in order to make sure that your customized checkout template works with the recent upgrade.

You can preview, upgrade, and make necessary changes to your checkout from January 20 to February 20, 2020.  If will not upgrade it before the given time, you will be automatically upgraded to the new checkout version.

Below are some of the latest features of the most recent update of the Shopify:

Quick Review

All new Shopify update- How to

New Shopify update is easy to start with. You simply have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Upgrade your online checkout:

So, are you preparing for this upgrade? You are required to do the following:

  • Preview: First of all, you have to preview the new checkout. Once you are done with this, start testing your customer-facing checkout experience.
  • Checkout liquid file changes: Before upgrading, you might also need to make changes to your checkout.liquid file and it depends on the customizations that you’ve made to your checkout.
  • Upgrade: Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, upgrade your store in order to use the new Shopify Checkout.

Step 2: Test for errors

Before you upgrade, make sure that you preview the changes and test checkouts properly. If you find any errors during testing, then it means that some of your checkout customizations are conflicting in the new version. In this case, as mentioned above that you have to make changes to your checkout.liquid file before you upgrade.

How to do this? Follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the online store and go to themes.
  • Click on Actions.
  • Then click on the duplicate.
  • From more themes, click on Actions and then click on Edit code.
  • After that open the checkout.liquid file.
  • From your duplicated theme, preview the checkout.liquid. For this use the new Shopify checkout.

For this, go to your Shopify admin’s checkout upgrade page. Then, click on the Preview checkout. Once you are done with previewing, choose the duplicated theme. After that complete the test orders.

If you find errors:

If you notice issues in visual checkout, all you need is to edit your checkout.liquid file to address them.

If you don’t find any errors:

If you don’t come across any errors during your tests, then it means that your checkout is well-matched to the new version of Shopify checkout.

You can now finally upgrade to the new version of Shopify checkout and after that, you can update your theme.

Step 3: Upgrade- the new Shopify checkout:

This process of upgrading your checkout is a two-step process. This will require you to upgrade the Shopify checkout. Once you upgrade it, start replacing the current, published theme with the duplicate copy that holds your changes.

Special Note: If you want to minimize the potential disruptions, always choose a slower time of day to upgrade.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the upgrade checkout from the checkout upgrade.
  • Publish your duplicate theme.
  • Click themes from your online store.
  • Find your duplicate theme. Click Actions and then Publish.

Ta da!! Your checkout is now upgraded.

Shopify checkout- What’s new

You might be wondering about the new features and changes introduced in the new Shopify’s update. Here, we have a list of all these.

  • Discount Liquid variables: Many new liquid variables related to the display of discounts have been introduced throughout the checkout process. These changes will be helpful in representing automatic and script-based discounts.
  • Arrive on desktop: All new dedicated phone number field has been added. This is added to the order status page. Customers are asked to enter a valid mobile number in order to receive shipping updates by text.
  • Editing orders:  Order editing will allow the merchants to capture additional outstanding payments on edited orders using the Shopify checkout.

Some changes have to add to the checkout page: These are:

  • The customer will not be able to change their contact information, shipping address, or shipping method.
  • Additional line items are added which indicates the order total and the amount already paid for.
  • The pay now button is added to the place of complete purchase. The total has been changed to the Amount to pay.
  • And many more.
  • Accessibility improvements: Many changes have been introduced to improve accessibility standards.
  • Removed Padding: Extra Padding has also removed from the Order Status, Out of Stock, and Thank you pages.
  • Displaying payment method:  The total amount of order now appears to customers on the order status page in the Payment method section.
  • Removal of placeholder strings:  Two strings have been improved from the language options in your theme settings. These are the Email placeholder and Email or phone placeholder fields
  • Customer address display: The way in which saved addresses are displayed during the checkout for logged-in customers has also been changed.
  • 3D Secure authentication:  3D Secure technology helps in providing an additional layer of security. This security layer that asks customers to complete before they can finish making their purchase, and powers services such as Verified by Visa, Mastercard Identity Check, or Amex SafeKey.

For additional authentication, some customers might be redirected to their bank’s portal when they will checkout.

  • Google Analytics JavaScript field changes: Additional google analytics, JavaScript fields have been changed.

This will not affect the JavaScript used for analytics purposes, but it will prevent other changes from being made to the checkout. In order to add custom JavaScript to your checkout for other reasons, add it to the checkout.liquid file directly.

  • Error message:  An error banner has been added. This banner informs customers when their chosen to express checkout payment method, isn’t available.

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