October 10, 2022

What is Shopify Hydrogen and Why Choose it in 2022?

Headless commerce has been a popular eCommerce trend in recent years and is predicted to transform how online commerce functions. Shopify, one of the largest SaaS eCommerce platforms today, has taken headless commerce to the next level with its latest technology, Shopify Hydrogen.

You’ll learn why Shopify Hydrogen will be a game changer in headless commerce and how Shopify merchants may profit immensely from this latest Shopify technology.

Introduction to Shopify Hydrogen

Shopify Hydrogen is a React-based framework for creating bespoke storefronts on Shopify. It offers all the framework, components, and tools developers need to get started, create quickly and provide the most excellent tailored user experience possible.

The ultimate purpose of Hydrogen is to provide you with greater flexibility and time to design and personalize your Shopify store without the constraints of a frontend or other software integration. Meanwhile, all Shopify-powered backend commerce functionality continues to function normally. This allows your Shopify store to take a headless approach without the hassle and complexity of third-party integration.

Hydrogen is Shopify’s suggested and opined strategy for delivering a quick user experience, best-in-class merchant features, and an excellent developer experience. It is the meeting point of commerce, user experience, and code.

Currently, Hydrogen is entirely open source, and you can help create it by testing it out and providing input to improve it.

How does Shopify hydrogen work?

Like other headless solutions, Hydrogen takes advantage of the React framework to build very performant and infinitely adaptable online shop frontends.

According to Shopify, they created Hydrogen since the JAMStack frameworks weren’t the best match for the platform.

When you go from a typical Liquid-based Shopify theme to a Hydrogen React Shopify storefront, the front-end of your eCommerce business is solely connected to the backend via APIs.

Hydrogen includes pre-built components and hooks that map directly to your backend for a smoother transition to headless. The Storefront API enables firms to link third-party integrations to their new storefront, replacing the Shopify applications on which they previously relied.

Furthermore, Vite is used for “server-side rendering (SSR), hydration middleware, and client component code changes.”

Hydrogen (and Oxygen) are simple to add from the Shopify dashboard.

Benefits of Shopify Hydrogen

There’s a lot to like about Hydrogen, especially given how much work Shopify spends on its vast initiatives. At this point of development, it has a few key benefits.

shopify hydrogen
  • js: Shopify has endorsed React.js as the future of dynamic, quick, personalized commerce. If Shopify invests in React, it will be a powerful message for the industry. It adds to React.js’s reputation as the next big thing in eCommerce.
  • You will receive the starting kit: Those new to Hydrogen are given a variety of beginning templates as well as a primary example stored straight out of the box. You can see what the beginning package includes here (think: buttons, toggles, navigation). While you will undoubtedly need to construct pieces yourself, having pre-built components, to begin with, is a huge advantage.
  • Your team can help build Hydrogen: Shopify is searching for support from the eComm development community to construct Hydrogen. With Shopify’s assistance, if you have a robust internal development team working on this, you might help create the product vision from the very beginning.
  • You can repurpose the components you create: Once you start with a beginning kit, you’ll be able to design initial parts that you may reuse throughout your eventual site on repeat as needed.

Limitations of Shopify Hydrogen

Because Shopify Hydrogen is still in developer preview, we can’t say much about this Shopify-powered headless development just yet. Hydrogen may currently only be used to create Shopify shops. Other bespoke stores, such as mobile applications, video games, and smart gadgets, are not presently enabled. We will continually update this newest Shopify technology to inform you of potential restrictions or downsides.


While there are other methods to headless commerce, Shopify Hydrogen is unquestionably a game changer from which we can expect much more in the future. Although it is unlikely to replace Liquid anytime soon, keeping up with the newest technological trends might put you one step ahead of your competition.

If you want boundless design potential, lightning-fast page performance, and complete control over your storefront to offer a superb commerce experience, Shopify headless is the way to go. Allow us to assist you with integrating headless commerce into your Shopify store.

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