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October 1, 2020

Web Design Elements that Help You to Connect with Your Audience:

Have you ever wondered how a random website you come across looks very impressive?

Such websites are designed by making perfect use of white space and well-matched sans-serif and serif fonts.

You can’t think of this only Designers can!!

Designer perspectives are different from ours. We can’t think like them. It’s all about finding that hidden magic that designers have spread all over the website. It’s about knowing that underlying fact which makes a huge difference.

Why choose us?

We at Aron web Solutions will help you provide an eye-catching web design services. A good website is everything if you want to grow your business. If your website is well-designed then you can expect good traffic and perfect delivery of your services. Our team is here to understand the need of our clients and customers.

Connect with your audience- know-how

Good design is not only about how the website looks; it also depends upon how it functions i.e. it’s functionality. The website should create a nice flow that is when someone browses it, he/she can feel the design. Nonetheless, a website is not a machine and there’s obviously no such rule or recipe to design a website great.

Know who all are your audience?

First and foremost, thing is that you can’t expect to connect with your audience without having a clear understanding of them.

You should start researching your customers on various social media sites and Google Analytics. Facebook insight analytics can also be used.

Function, form and feel: If you want your audience to connect with your website, you need it to reach new levels of interaction with them. This is the one way in which the audience will feel connected with your website. That’s why your design needs to be something different than other websites.

More human-like design: We all are aware of this phrase, “The first impression is the last impression”. In the same manner, your website’s design creates the first impression with your users. Make it more human-friendly rather than making it look robotic.

Making your website human-centred means making it easy to use and not making people guess what they are supposed to do next.

Usability check: Usability is another element that makes your website attractive.  Always, make sure your website is easy to use. One more thing to make sure is that the navigation between your various pages should be fluent. Make sure that any interactive design elements are easy to understand and that you’re not linking these to any broken 404 pages. Traffic on your website might feel confused, disappointed, or frustrated after looking at a broken page.

 And we know that you definitely don’t want people to feel that way.

Tip to resolve this issue: You can resolve this by just making a funny 404 page. This will make a huge difference for sure.

Pass on positive vibes: Your website should be full of positive vibes. Hold on!! It means associate positive feelings with desired actions on your website.

How to make your website look positive?

  • Show an emoji (smiling/ rewarding) after the completion of a task.
  • You can also use a green “add to cart” button.
  • Show check marks for all the correctly filled form fields.
  • You can also use a progress bar in multi-page forms.

Make it interesting: Never underestimate this. A great website needs to be interesting, no matter what.

Always make sure you give your audience plenty of reasons to visit and interact with your website. To do so, make your site colour scheme, design style, and, most importantly, content interesting. All your content should be engaging.

Web Design

Be a Story Teller: Yes, yes you have read it right. As a designer always try to depict a story via your website. Your website can tell a story from its design. Most sites have horizontal or vertical designs or both. Therefore, whether a person is scrolling down or swiping to the left or right, the contents that appear should tell a story.

For this use the following pattern:

  • Add a catchy phrase about the business on the site.
  • Add an “About us” feature.
  • Add a list of the products and services rendered.
  • Add a list of past clients and testimonials.
  • Blog posts that tell about the business of the website.
  • A call to action which is the way to make contact with those behind the scenes.

All of the above tells your story, and should be arranged in a way that takes a person from one stage to the other, and keeps the information flowing and progressive. Note that in telling your story, the contents used should not be boring; avoid lengthy paragraphs and use bullet points.

The Common problems- Visitors view:

“Can I click it?”
Make sure that elements that require interaction with a user, should be clearly visible. Such elements should stand out in some way. All the links and buttons should at least be marked in a different colour than the rest of the body content.

“Where am I?”
Another problem that visitors face is they sometimes feel lost on your website this is because of your design layout. It is not consistent. When people don’t know where to go, they’ll always find a way to exit.

So, manage the consistency of your website.

“I am unable to read it!”
Is your content readable? If not, make it readable. Your text should not be may too small or the colour contrast between the background and text colour should not be unclear.

Final words:There is always so much we can add to our website to make it more connected. Take care of your visitors and try to improve their experience. Consider their feelings and add more sense to your website content by designing it in the best possible way you can. Also, generating traffic on your website is very important. All the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind while designing a good website. The audience is all you will need to grow. If you follow the ideas shared above, it will definitely help you build a connection with your audience. It will also ensure that they keep visiting your website frequently.



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