Wait and Ponder before you go ahead with Marketing!

Do not get the MVP wrong, it is just a minimum level of efforts put to later market something big, a planned business model. So before marketing, like I said Wait and Ponder upon your situation, your progress with your business model and look for some things if they are in place, then go ahead!

Just like the letter A will never come after the letter B, the marketing can never be done before the working model of the business is in place. Otherwise, instead of being forced to stay and explore more the people will repel your incomplete business model. And hence you risk conversions. The urgency is to give yourself enough time to build the infrastructure before you place the final interior designing. Flaws can be mended, and this is the time not after marketing.

These directions are not just for the eCommerce businesses that have products and services to manage. This is for all other creative’s that have started their creative display with a website, be it blogging or showcasing your photography. All types of creative’s have a service that they will render the needs of the customers and the target audience. Each website is made with a purpose and a potential product, some ideas about building a product based on your niche are:

  • The photographers can build Photo Products, Photo Books and Photography Services.
  • The recipe bloggers can provide people with the option of buying the ingredients of the recipe.
  • Educational websites can sell their popular courses.

So before marketing set up your business:

  • Manage your products and services: The journey from store to the customer comes with a lot to manage. So one cannot just open the doors of the business for the customers as soon as one starts it. Give your products and services a serious thought before entering the market. Like if you are a photographer, decide well in advance whether you want to open a gallery. Or you want to want to provide photo products to the people. Figure out other possible options of your photography product and services you would like to provide your client with.

Then comes, managing the products and services over the website to make it a hassle free experience for the user. The user should have a clear idea in one look as to what are the products and services you are offering.

  • Finalize the pricing: You cannot just randomly pick your competitions prices and paste them over your product. While you are finding the unique selling proposition of your services you will know the worth of your product. The prices are to be carefully chosen keeping in mind the level of expected profits, and the real cost of the product and services. You are not setting the prices for merely surviving so start thinking like a business person from here on.

You need to do your pricing for profit, but make it genuine. Further be confident enough to communicate your worth through your prices to the target audience.

  • Create a work flow: A work flow is very important to maintain, this enables you to work efficiently and effectively. The preparation of the product to the delivery should be properly timed.

Start with the final look of the product, see to it if it is properly manufactured and safely boxed to be delivered. Keep tabs on the time it takes in each of the steps. Then you have to see how much time it is taking to clear customs and other formalities. Then when you start to deliver the product, keep in mind all the delays that could possibly happen and work on the calculated time of every delivery.

  • Responding system and policy: When you are dealing with the customers in your business finally, they will be having queries for which they will contact you. Decide a proper time at which you will communicate with them. At start you will answer people at any time you receive their call, later on it will be problematic so you have to set particular time and a call receiving policy at which you can reply your customers without hampering your work.
  • Set a business schedule: Be very peculiar about you hours of working, set a proper schedule for each work. Set days for answering to clients, for preparing orders and the like. Create a work flow by managing the time because a set schedule will give you more free time to do the other necessary things.

So, before marketing set yourself on the right track to provide the best to your customers!

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