October 12, 2020

Improving your online sales- Adding new improvements and features:

2020 is here and you should introduce limitless new opportunities to your online store. Aron Web Solution here brings a new wave of professional e-Commerce tools. These will definitely help you with improving your online store sales by bringing potential customers.
So, here’s a quick look at all the new improvements and features that you can introduce to your online stores:

With the help of Dropshipping:

Experience our new dropshipping partners- Source from millions of high-quality products with no inventory and no shipping.

  • Modalyst- Dropship Software: Modalyst helps you connect to the best products for dropshipping. Find the products and then test A/B products. Once testing is complete, you can sell them.
  • Print using Printful and Printify: You can now print on demand by using both Printful and Printify. Start creating and designing products and finally sell your own branded products.

Storefront and Catalog Improvements:

  • Reconstruction: Reconstruct your storefront including galleries, product descriptions and catalogue management.
  • Products Gallery: Increase sales by showcasing related products gallery i.e. displaying customers related products on each page.
  • Product descriptions: Use rich-text product descriptions i.e. use font colours and highlights to fully customize the look of your product descriptions.
  • Improved mobile storefront: Offer your customers with a better mobile checkout experience. Let your customers filter and sort products.
  • Import/ Export Products: Add your entire product catalogue or make bulk updates to your online store in no time with a CSV file.
  • Improved SEO settings: Create advanced SEO patterns and hence quickly optimize your online store’s product pages.
  • Multilingual: Now, translate your site pages into over 80 languages instantly and open your online store to international sales

By Customizing Shopping Cart:

  • Now, give your customers the best shopping experience by introducing new features. Also, try to improve the checkout experience.
  • “Add to Cart”: Let your customers choose from various options. Like, when customers add a product to their cart, open mini cart. Ask: Go to the cart page or stay on the product page.
  • Quick “Add to Cart”: Give your customers a new experience i.e. Quick “Add to Cart” experience. Let them add a product/products directly from your product gallery and continue shopping.
  • Introduce custom fields: Collect more information from your customers when they checkout.
  • “Continue Shopping”: Increase order totals by introducing a “Continue Shopping” button in your cart. Also, add a post-checkout “Thank You/ Thanks” page.

Sales through Multiple online channels:

  • You can also showcase your products on various social media platforms and direct customers to your online store.
  • Facebook: You can connect to your Facebook business page and this will automatically sync your catalogue, inventory and sales. Customers can browse products on your Facebook product gallery. Once they are done, they can then click through to complete checkout on your site.
  • Instagram: You can link your Instagram account with Facebook. Then, tag products to create posts that are shoppable. Shoppers can tap your photos for more info and hence buy from your store.
Catalog Dropshipping

Using Marketing Tools:

  • Follow up: Follow up with customers who have left items in their carts. This will help you recover up to 11% of your sales.
  • Run Facebook Ads: Boost your sales with a paid ad campaign. You can run these campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Make Videos: Prepare professional videos and they will showcase your products for your site and social media.

By Order Management and Shipping:

  • Manage orders: Manage, ship and track all your online store orders from one dashboard.
  • Shipping labels: Connect to 3rd party shipping platforms. They will automatically update your tracking number and package status.
  • Order Splitting: Splitting orders into multiple shipments with separate tracking numbers will make your work easier.
  • Cancellation of Orders: Cancel or refund all of your customer’s orders. Update your inventory and timely notify your customers.
  • Packing Slips: Print a list of all the products which are included in a shipment. Use this list to verify items in a package before sealing and before shipping as well.

Using Sales Analytics:

You should focus on understanding how your online store performs starting from site traffic to sales and more. Closely review your site traffic, revenue over time, top products, frequent buyers and more. This will help you better focus your marketing efforts in the long-run.

So, these were the new features/improvements that you can add to your online store. Hope introducing these to your store will help you with improving and boosting your online business.

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