How to write Meta Descriptions?

I am sure this down here looks like a trap from many advertisements, but I am taking the initiative to tell you over my blog that we are here to help, and you can trust me here, right? And so it is further, an initiative to help you through your business journey.

Are you struggling with marketing your online business? Shopify Marketing Experts are here to help you! So first up is that you know what you are dealing with here. For that you will need to know what Meta Description is.

At Yoast they say “The Meta description is a snippet of up to about 155 characters – a tag in HTML – which summarizes a page’s content. Search engines show the Meta description in search results mostly when the searched-for phrase is within the description, so optimizing the Meta description is crucial for on-page SEO.”

This Meta tag in the HTML source code will hold some description; it will be the content for the web page of your website that people will access from their surf page or search query results.

Look at the best examples of Meta description:

This home page has its Meta Description in black ink. This is a creatively and cleverly designed content, in order to increase the click-through rate. So either you make a great content with your content team or contact the Shopify Marketing Experts for an amazing content in order to achieve your conversion goal.

When the potential customer is out there in search for a service provider like you, he/she will definitely run it through their search engine first. On searching the potential keyword if you are the one listed in the query page of their search engine, your Meta description or the short business enquiry that displays there should be luring enough for the customers to click through.

Isn’t all this too new and a little confusing for you to understand, then let’s dig deeper…

So how is a good Meta Description written?

Start with keeping yourself in your own place; well you are there now so first thing is not that hard. Now ask yourself, “What is it that one thing you are offering?” And if like in the above case you are offering speakers then just like you are preparing a pitch deck, ask yourself and start preparing with the best features or a unique selling proposition (USP) that your customer will expect from you. If you have one you are nearer to your success!

For the second question you need to put yourself in the shoes of target audience, in order to get the leads on the product you are providing; now you will ask yourself, “Why should I buy from it?” If the customer is in the perfect dilemma you thought while making your Meta Description then the ball is in your court. If you have what a certain buyer demands for, then we all know, “Customer is the King” and if the king has chosen you, you are on the right track of growth.

Now all of you are at a stage of either developing a new business or rebranding the old one. So when is it the right time to focus on such a fruitful part of on-page SEO?

This is the work of that moment when the content writer has finished the content on a certain webpage. Not only you place it in the design and behold the magic of words blending in that page’s design, but, you also start working on a short description that will make the customer land on that page in the first place.

Rather than Google pulling out the very first paragraph on the content and using it as by default Meta description, we should make our own; to enhance the entrance digital door to our business.

Just keep in mind that the main motive of the description is to be giving a clear and precise message out there that you have what they need. So work on using the right words, the luring words that can hit right through the buyer and get you the needed click-through rate on your webpage.

Meta descriptions are your best marketers, so once you start ranking they are the once that get you through the process of conversions. It is a promise that you make it through the searchers, so in order to make the best Meta description know some key things and some lingering characteristics that can help you through.

Key things to make a good Meta description:

  • It should not be more than 155-160 characters.
  • While you are making the description keep in focus the potential buyers you made the product available for.
  • Convey the right message in limited word span.

Other Characteristics:

  • An actionable approach written in active voice of speech.
  • It should contain a focus keyword.
  • If there are specification in it then that is a good deal to the buyers that should be included.
  • Write a unique content.

As soon as you understand the above information and bring it to action the CTR is going to go high in a little while. I know, I know some websites might contain hundreds of pages then start with the most important ones; a little step forward will take you there and this is where the journey begins.

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