How to choose the right Business Name?

Choosing the right name for business is not an easy deal. Some names will click and some will take some patience to click your mind with the out of the box business name you so wish for. But then comes the availability of the name, I am sure you do not want to get your business confused with one of the competitors.

It is very unfortunate and a mind blowing coincidence that some of you and your competitors minds work in the same way, after all it is such a big world. The World Wide Web makes it small when through little research you get to know that the name you thought of is already taken.

Any why not when the average number of domains being registered every single day is from 50,000 to 100,000 according to

This is what is stopping you to get a unique name for your website; still we cannot stop thinking of the right one for our most prized possession.

1. Keep it short, simple and memorable:

It is better to use a nickname or a fun name by twisting the keyword and the products you will offer the folks. Here’s something you can try and it will work out as a great name for your online business:

  • Try a combination of short words those are more memorable than lengthy names for your business. Take some words that rhyme or are alternate, they are memorable too.
  • Make another word or tweak an existing one it is not necessary to be having a meaning. Like Google did.

We all are aware that “BackRub” was the original one for Google and with that name they sure have not have reached so far. Think of how it would have looked once blurted out in an office!

So when the makers came across the name Googol a name for a number with a hundred zeros after 1, they took a dig on it. While finding the replica one of them accidently typed Google and there you go birth of the search engine widely used.

  • Personal branding is an easy lead to give your business a name. In the longer run it is difficult to sell it in your name. But, only the exceptional can survive it through. Everybody in the room knows about Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)!

2. You have to be different:

Keep tabs on your competitors. Play a zig zag game if people go zig you should go zag and stand out for the betterment of the brand.

People in the same business as yours will use the very obvious words linked to your business and it is better to think outside the box.

3. Consider an online presence:

After you have gathered a list of possible business names for your online presence, check for the availability of the name on the internet.

Look into search portals and all popular business name idea sites and social media to make sure you are not duplicating your business name. A closer name can be mistaken by the folks for some else business and this can cost your presence over the internet.

“.com” is a top listed domain; the first step is to check the availability of the desired name with the .com domain.

4. Getting creative with the domain name is not a crime:

.com is a top level domain does not mean you cannot go for anything else. If it is not available choose another domain and later change it to .com.

Do you know A Shopify store was, then they re-registered as and many more examples are out there, you can go with the .com domain when you are ready!

So if you are planning Shopify Migration it is going to fruit you.

Modifiers to consider building your business name:

  • [YourBrand][Main Product].com
  • Shop[YourBrand].com
  • Get[YourProduct].com
  • [YourBrand]
  • [YourBrand][industry].com
  • [Verb][YourBrand].com
  • [My/Your][YourBrand].com

TLDs to consider:

  • .store
  • .shop
  • Based on the product you sell, example: .shoes, .art etc.
  • Continuation of your brand name

5. You have to be original:

If the business name taken is already patent or trademark somewhere in the trade books of your country, start checking their free database to be sure of the existence of the same name in the market.

For Example: The store owners in the U.S. can start by checking The United States Patent and Trademark Office.

6. Find new inspiration

Do not lose hope if you are still struggling with the name of the business, and this is not another hope lecture. Here is the key to find the name for your business, find an inspiration, and keep your eyes wide open because inspiration can come from anywhere. Your surroundings or your daily routine anything can lead you to the name of the brand you want to build.

At the end you will want to know, what is in the name? Well here is the deal the name is the doorway to the business you are going to build and it better be luring and memorable…

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