How Are Facebook Chatbots Changing E-Commerce?

How Are Facebook Chatbots Changing E-Commerce?

Chatbots have been a part of eCommerce stores for a while now. They are interactive, good for
customer support, and can handle a lot of queries on their own. The applications are highly preferable
after the COVID 19 breakout, which has reduced manpower at customer support.

Even the large tech giants like Facebook are now taking an interest in these applications. In fact,
Facebook has taken a step further in the chatbot with its interactive messenger chatbot. Their
application is faster, better and is changing eCommerce in several ways, including the following.

Direct Buy

Shopping on online stores with Facebook is much simpler than before. You can simply open the chatbot
and ask for the product you need. It will search the list and bring you the most relevant product. The
steps remain almost identical to most sales channels.

However, the catch here is that you get a direct purchase option without moving out of the messenger
application. It means that the product will include a buy now button that you can click for direct
checkout. The app can also pull over your contact details, address, and more from your profile to keep
things simpler.

Direct Buy


The biggest benefit of the Facebook chatbot is that you already have a very long list of potential
audiences. There are millions of accounts on the social media application and the same number of
people using the messenger application. Facebook has data and a history of each user with them.
So, if the customer allows you to access their details, your eCommerce will have a direct list of the most
potent buyers. You will also have clear insides of the buyer who can come back and a route map to
develop your retention marketing strategy.


Setting up things as per customer preference is an important function of the chatbots. They take input
through a few questions to know the customer details and present them with the most relevant data.
However, these things were only possible for websites and dedicated eCommerce stores. Facebook
chatbot removes this restriction. It can not only interact with the websites but also social media stores.
Moreover, It works with advanced algorithms that generate individual answers for every question and
does not respond with a preferred answer.

A To Z Support

The fact that makes Facebook messenger chatbot special is that its provider supports from beginning to
end. It can help you personalize your list, find the best option to purchase them with a single click. The
app can also take the hassle of typing addresses and details for every purchase.

After you place the order, the chatbot can also help you to track the order in real-time. You can also use
it to solve any query or report an issue with the product. The chatbot also has database interactivity and
can help you to update address or contact details if needed. In case you have an issue with the product
purchase, the application is also usable for replacing or returning your order. And, you don’t have to
step out of the messenger or use an extension for any of these functions.

Feedback And Review

Most eCommerce has a policy of sending a review email to know about the customer views regarding
the purchase. However, most of these emails go unanswered simply because the customer doesn’t open
it. This problem reduces to a great extent with Facebook chatbot.

The application presents the review question less like a form and more like a chat, which adds a human-
like touch to get maximum results. The chatbot also can save this review and use it to enhance the
customer’s future purchase experience.

Final Words

The tech giant Facebook has always revolutionized the world with their innovations, and their
messenger based chatbot is one of their latest work. It has the interactivity of a messenger and the
features of a chatbot, which makes it a brilliant option for eCommerce. The app’s highly advanced AI
system also adds an excellent touch to it. It’s a great chatbot option for every eCommerce in every
possible way.