Broken Link methods
October 27, 2020

Best Way To Create High-Quality Backlink in SEO

Backlinks are like the backbone of digital marketing and an utterly important aspect of site appearance. They have a direct effect on the credibility of the website and the amount of traffic it receives. The backlinks are also a factor for Google ranking.

Obviously, something this important is never available with ease. You have to work and plan hard to obtain quality backlinks. This post will present you with a few ways that the marketers and website owners are using to get them in 2020.

The broken link methods

Though a little tricky and time consuming, the broken link methods are an excellent way to get backlinks with
minimal investment. The trick here is that you don’t actually write something or even create a link but use existing keywords or posts for promoting your website.

In simpler words, you find quality sites related to your niche, surf them, and find broken backlinks in them. Then you report them to the webmaster and, in process, recommend your website. The method doesn’t work every
time, but it’s worth a shot, especially when you are just starting a website and don’t have a high investment. The silver lining here is that you get in contact with a website that you can sometimes later use for guest posts.

broken link

Build Infographics

Virtualization is the new reality of present life. Anything that has scannable content gains instant popularity. This factor makes infographics a very potent option for any website that needs to grow. It can allow you to organize large amounts of data in a clean way and present your creativity. They are also a base for many informative articles.

So, creating an infographic will easily enhance your site authority and attract an audience. And, each time
someone uses the data from it, they will provide credits, which means a new backlink for your site.

Use Influencers

In this internet and the social media-driven world, there is nothing better than a blogger or journalist on your side. They are popular figures and can provide you with a lot of audiences. Their followers also trust their words and will be ready to test your website or products if the influencer says so.

So, find some of the influencers for your business or niche and ask for help. The method is not cheap but
considering its results, it’s worth it. Besides, you always have the scaling option and a long list of influencers to match your budget.


If you are good or budget and also want good publicity, then non-profit organizations are a great deal. They don’t offer direct blogs or anything, but they will provide high-quality backlinks. The method is quite straight forward, you find a non-profitable organization that relates to your niche, make a donation and in doing so, link that site back to the donor site. You can also use their comment or writing section to promote your site. Just make sure it’san indirect promotion and not too pushy.

The method is trending and is especially successful in the present time due to the emotional touch. However, it
does have some cons like the extra cost it adds. So, plan the donation campaign and select the donation website

Guest Posts

Guest post is one method of link building that has been, is, and will always be in trend. It’s simple, budget-friendly, and, most of all, highly targeting. It is also very time-friendly as you can create and publish multiple guest posts in a week without any issue. Each of these blogs or posts will attach you to a popular site that has enormous traffic.

If you can ensure high-quality content, the guest post can easily enhance your online reputation and create
audience relations. The best part, you can also promote your work or guest post on social media channels, which
means another link for your website.

Final Words

Backlinks, as you read, are a very important part of any website, and there will be constant competition in this
section. It’s one of the reasons why marketers constantly come up with new and better tricks to create them.
The few tricks you read are the top on the list this year. However, make sure to keep updating yourself. Moreover,
keep an eye on your competitors and the tricks they use.




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