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October 30, 2020

7 Reasons why Indian Brands looking for growth in their E-Commerce business should opt for Shopify Gold

Canada based eCommerce company Shopify has been around for decades now. It has powered multiple eCommerce stores and has become one of the most preferred platforms for eCommerce business. The company offers eCommerce with flexibility, personalization, and, most of all, budget-friendly options. Any person using it gets several programs that they can buy according to their budget. The program that’s trending in India is the Gold membership, and the simple reasons for it are the benefits like the following.

Reduced Charges

Shopify takes a percentage of profits that you earn from your monthly sales. Its basic program will take about 1-2% of the monthly sales from you. Having a gold program can reduce this cost by a considerable number. It will drop the percentage to around 0.4%. Similarly, the maximum price they can take for monthly sales is rupees 130000/months for the standard program while it’s just rupees 65000/month for the gold program.


The standard Shopify program has multiple widgets and tools to customize your website and store for your customers. However, these tools and customizations have limits, especially for the checkout sections. The Shopify gold removes this limit. With the Shopify gold program, you get Shopify’s exclusive APIs that enable you to add ERP systems to your store. It allows you to add more than 50 connectors and provide access to over 2400 app extensions.

Shopify Gold

Better Bandwidth

The Shopify gold program doesn’t just focus on the website or store but the overall business. It is developed with additives to enhance all the features, including customer experience and traffic handling. The program increases your store’s bandwidth and offers cloud-hosting for your store. It ensures that your site can handle more than 6K checkouts per minute without any latency or lagging issue. Its added SaaS support will also ensure a smooth experience at any amount of traffic. Your site will never crash due to high traffic volume.

Enhanced Support

The Shopify standard program has excellent customer support for your needs, and the company provides full support for them. However, in the Shopify gold programs, you become a priority. The company will offer you a dedicated account manager for your store with 24/7 support for your queries. The manager can help you with planning, strategies, understanding new features, adding elements, and many other things that prove beneficial for getting more leads. This factor is a reason why Indian Brands looking for growth in the eCommerce businesses should opt for the Shopify gold program. The supporting manager can help
and guide them to the platform to achieve the target you want.

Added Support

With the Shopify gold scheme, you get access to more API than any standard program. The feature can come in handy for building the store and adding better support for it. The developers can use it to enhance customer support and enhance the accessibility of the store. You can also consider adding discount APIs to build discount deals for your customer. They are excellent at ensuring more sales and retaining your customers.

Multichannel Support

The standard Shopify programs allow you to handle multiple types of products and pages, but only one store. You have to pay extra for starting a new store on the platform. The gold program is a bit flexible in this aspect. It comes with support for multiple stores. You can use it to run three stores without having to pay anything extra. The feature is great for business as it allows you to generate dedicated stores for regions and customize them for native users.
The separate store can also have different languages, currencies, and other settings, ensuring better quality leads.

Extended Security Protocols

The Shopify gold program comes with a customization feature that allows you to modify your website URL. You can make it small and simple for your users. It also has a plus PCI DDS level come compliant SSL certificate for your store to make it secure. The certification makes the store rank as a secure website on
Google and also ensure data theft issues.he 256-bit security is a bank-level protocol that will make sure that none of your user’s payment data ever gets into the wrong hands.


Shopify gold is a step further in the Shopify eCommerce store building. It offers better support, features, and customization, which can easily enhance your business and customer base. So, if you are an Indian brand looking for growth in the eCommerce business, opt for the Shopify Gold program.



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